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All hosting and colocation packages, as well as their add-ons, are priced monthly, if you do not see a package that suits your needs call us and we can provide you with a quote, ask for the hosting department.

  10GB of Additional Transfers Per Month $ 15.00  
  Additional 10/100 Port Per Month $ 10.00  
  Additional 1 AMP of Power Per Month $ 5.00  
  Additional IP Address Per Month $ 1.00  
  Oversized Server Per Month $ 10.00  
  UPS Power Backup Per Month $ 6.00  
  VPS: 5GB of Additonal Storage Space $ 10.00  
  VPS: 128MB of Additional RAM $ 10.00  
  VPS: Backup $ 20.00  
  VPS: Combo (+128MB of Ram, +5GB of Storage and +10GB of Transfers $ 35.00  

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Our service is designed so that you can pay for the features you want without any services you don't need. Discounts are available for people who purchase multiple plans and/or colocate multiple servers. Ask for the Hosting Department when calling 502-634-8414.

All of our hosting and colocation plans are not contract based, thus non refundable.
All prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.